What vsm Africa is

Currently based in Nairobi, VSM Africa is a program not an institution. It is a curriculum developed by Africans and for Africans. Noah Gitau, the National Director of the AVC Kenya (www.vineyardchurcheskenya.org) along with Doug Brown, the lead Pastor of Karen Vineyard Church (www.karenvineyard.org) and the Principal of VSM, are working with other Kenyan pastors and have been writing the curriculum for some time.

The commitment is to empower and equip diverse Africans to find their own voice through the exploration of Scripture, understanding their past heritage, and the engagement with their current culture and context.

VSM desires to raise up leaders who will proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom of God as God’s missional agents throughout Africa and beyond.

The original goal of providing training for Vineyard leaders across Kenya has extended beyond the borders of Kenya to other nations in Africa.