Objectives of the Children ministry taskforce
  1. To help children cultivate a loving relationship with Jesus Christ as their savior, build relationships with their peers. In this we help them experience the Lord’s grace in their hearts and be able to lead others to Christ..
  2. Have all inclusive ministries where those who minister to the children and the children to whom they minister to, are valued irrespective of their colour, race, language/tribe, abilities o social-economic endowment.
  3. Leadership development- In this, volunteers in the children ministry will be trained and retrained so that they can be effective in the ministry to children.
  4. Children involvement in ministry- Through the children’s ministry we will seek to involve children in ministry of reaching children in their immediate neighbourhoods, school and city. This has the ripple effect of cultivating in children a culture of them reaching others with the gospel of Christ and this could continue into their adulthood..
  5. Collaborative ministries- This is intended to facilitate the working together of various ministries like evangelistic ministry, youth ministries, women ministries so that parents can be helped to build the faith of their children..
  6. Safe ministries- The churches to adopt ways to protect children from physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. Volunteers to be selected who have high moral and spiritual standards.
  7. Children evangelistic ministry- through this the children will be trained on how to reach other children in their neighbourhoods. We could do this through children’s vacation Bible School, Neighbourhood Bible Clubs or Story Hours..
  8. Use the Children Ministry, as an intentional tool to grow the Church membership by reaching their , parents, siblings and the relatives with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. It is a known fact today that many of the great church leaders who have are making contributions in the Kingdom of God accepted the Lord Jesus at an early age.