Vineyard Worship

Vineyard Worship.

Building the church to see our communities transformed by the Good News of the Kingdom of God. 


  1. Facilitate the learning and doing of the worship values we hold as the vineyard by worship leaders in the local churches.
  2. Equip, train and mentor worship leaders.
  3. Facilitate the growth of rich, contextualized and contemporary worship that is relevant to the community of the local church.
  4. Grow a community of love and care relationships for worship leaders.
  5. Facilitate simple and relevant theological training fro worship leaders.

How to achieve this

  1. Encourage and facilitate writing of new songs for the local congregations.
  2. Translation of songs into the various languages of our local communities and Swahili.
  3. Circulating of newly written and compelling songs.
  4. Recording of songs for distribution to churches.
  5. Prepare worship retreats for worship leaders for training, equipping, Sourcing, creating and circulating worship resources.
  6. Preparing for worship at AVC-Kenya National Events.

Upcoming events


  1. Meru Region Worship leaders- November 2015
  2. National Worship Leaders retreat - February 2016