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Sunday, 08 March 2015 15:39

After Turning 50

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I guess at 50 most people start looking back on their lives with a view to evaluating the kind of achievements (or failures) they have achieved in life with an intention to either build on their successes or reinvent themselves. Well, I turned 50 last September and guess what, I am doing that! I bet the best one could have gained so far is wisdom. Very interestingly, for me, it coincided with a period that I have been studying the books of wisdom in the Bible.

Currently, I am studying Proverbs. In the process of these studies, I got fascinated by wisdom personified, especially in Proverbs chapter eight and nine.

Wisdom is a term that creates great interest in people because of the fact that every person desireto be associated with it. No one ever got impressed by being associated with foolishness, which is the opposite of being wise. It is my hope and expectation therefore, that as many as will desire wisdom should seek to comprehend it so as to realize the benefit it brings to whoever loves it.

Wisdom can be said to be a gift of God apart from knowledge that one gains over a long period, thereby acquiring “ability to make good decisions based on knowledge and experience” (Macmillan English Dictionary). But why personify wisdom? Doesn’t this complicate it more than making it easy to understand?

Affirming that wisdom is a universal phenomenon does not mean that there is no difference between biblical wisdom and the conventional wisdom which is a product of common grace given to humanity at large. In this respect, I looked into the biblical Wisdom in its personified form according to Proverbs 8-9 so as to gain an understanding of the purpose for the

personification and its relevance and practical application to our Christian faith. My interaction with this text led me to three things that I will reflect on in a series; that the source of personified Wisdom is God, is a gift of the Holy Spirit, and is exercised in community.


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